How to Beat the Harmful Effects of Hot Showers

Is there anything better in this world than coming home from a crazy day, sipping on a glass of wine and unwinding in a long, hot bath or shower?

The answer is no. I’m pretty sure heaven is just one giant, warm, bubbly, sauna-ey bathtub full of flickering candles and soothing scents.. and the occasional curious cat peeking its head in the doorway. Yup. Heaven right there, all around.

And it’s only really heaven if the water is 3,000 degrees, am I right?

That’s not what our bodies are thinking.

Unfortunately, hot showers can be bad news for our health and skin. Does that mean I’m going to say sayonara to my hot showers? No! But here’s what we can do to combat some of the negative effects.

Dry Skin

Too much hot water can damage the keratin cells which help hold onto moisture and thus leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated.

Trade out any harsh, lathering soaps that are full of fragrances for gentle cleansers instead. Your skin will thank you!

Aloe vera gel

Also, use a great natural moisturizer (using plain ol’ aloe vera gel works amazingly!) right after your shower while your skin is still slightly damp.

Dry Hair

Feeling that hot water patter on your head feels all sorts of relaxing and magical, but just as it takes away the moisture in your skin, it’ll leave your hair and scalp dehydrated and prone to frizz and split ends.

Woman facing away from camera with slightly frizzy hair

Cool down the temperature just a bit while washing your hair. Also, make sure you condition your hair after you use shampoo. A good conditioner will help hydrate your hair and lock in the moisture. OGX makes UH-mazing conditioners (that are also SLS-free!) for all different types of hair. And they smell great!

If you want to give your hair a little extra lovin’, rinse it well with cold water. The cold will help close the cuticles and pores and add a pretty shine.

Acne Breakouts

You would think that all that hot water would be washing away dirt and bacteria (which it does!), but the excessive temperature is also stripping away the skin’s protective oils and making it easier for acne to spread.

I love my hot showers, but moderation is key. The longer I am in there under my fire-water, the worse my acne gets. Enjoy the heat, but cut down the time you’re in there.

Moisturizer comes in handy with this situation as well, but make sure it’s a non-clogging lotion. Remember, dried-out skin will make acne worse! Give it the hydration it needs.

Here’s to healthier hot showers that both you and your body can enjoy!

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